Wartime House

This Halifax remodel is a true example of quality over quantity, better space over more space. The initial goals of the project were to remediate long-standing dampness, electrical and energy efficiency issues and to improve the light quality in the living spaces. New insulation, air sealing, upgraded heating system and new windows have dramatically improved both comfort and heating efficiency.

A small, dilapidated garage on the north side of the house was removed to provide space for a proper entrance foyer and to allow more daylight into the home.  In a bold move, the design team and client decided to convert what was the living room into a new garage. We then opened up the remaining floor space and allowed for a light filled, open concept living space. Although the clients lost some square footage, they gained a beautiful and interconnected layout that suits their lifestyle. Additional windows in the upstairs painting studio not only provide excellent daylight from three directions but also improve the home's aesthetic from the street. The exterior remained in keeping with its traditional aesthetic with a few more modern touches in the porch screen and 1 ½  storey stairwell window. The focal point of the home’s interior is the open riser stair and glass guards that allow filtered light to flood the home, even in the depths of winter. A minimal material palette of white paint, light natural woods and glass provided a perfect canvas for the owners to display their unique collection of antiques, quirky objects and artwork.