Local Jo Cafe

Once operated as a pharmacy in a booming part of the west end of Halifax in the 1940s, Local Jo has resurrected the "neighbourhood gathering spot". Reconstructing this building included peeling back multiple layers of former renovations. Hardwood flooring was revealed under six layers of flooring materials. Original window openings on the south side of the building - covered over until this renovation - were reinstated with new energy-efficient wood-frame single-hung units providing a tremendous amount of daylight.

The interior of Local Jo is a bright, dynamic space. Using salvaged materials in unique situations, the café has become a local success. Antique Egyptian wrought iron railings separate the two levels (the upper level even offers an exclusive k ids corner). Salvaged doors from Renovators Resource were used for bathrooms and kitchen. A high quality linoleum floor offers a healthier finish, and halogen sconces and ceiling fixtures blend in well.