Finntigh Mara Bareland Condominium Development

In the unique & eclectic community of Jollimore, Solterre designs a new green minded development on the historic Finntigh Mara estate. Located on the Northwest Arm Waterfront, Marterra Inc. (an affiliate of Solterre Design) has made 12 home sites available. Nestled in award-winning gardens and historic buildings, it is one of the most innovative, conservation-minded projects in Halifax. It will be the first bare land condominium project in the Halifax region.

Once the estate of a prominent Halifax physician, Finntigh Mara has an original 1914 Arts & Crafts Manor, alongside the Classic 1960's home. There is also a century-old Gate House which was once the Groundskeeper's Residence. Solterre has lead the updating and restoration of all the existing historic buildings.

Finntigh Mara's goal is to create the opportunity for owners to build their new home amongst the beauty of the mature landscape. It is registered as an HRM Heritage Property. As a green community, each of the sites will be provided with green guidelines that were developed with Solterre Design, a leader in sustainable architecture and green design.

Building Covenants Overview:

The intent behind Finntigh Mara is to maintain and protect the property's character through preservation of the landscaped estate. This includes preserving heritage-protected views to the NW Arm, the established gardens and the stonewalls as well as protecting the historic setting within Jollimore itself.

Finntigh Mara is based on the principles of a green community. As such, the dwellings are to be single-family homes that remain within a designated buildable footprint. Common shared areas, including the gardens, pool and waterfront, will maintain a pesticide-free, non-toxic environment.

There should be minimal disturbance to the natural terrain. Exterior design of the home should complement or resemble the traditional vernacular of historic Jollimore or rural Nova Scotia. The Finntigh Mara design team provides a list of materials recommended for energy efficiency and maintaining the context of the land. All building plans shall be submitted to the Finntigh Mara design team.