July 2009 - January 2016


Felix is the office’s noble guardian, finding the world of Architecture rather blasé. Most of Felix’s time at Solterre is spent greeting visitors and clients, investigating other staff members’ lunches, and finding the sunniest spot on the deck. Despite all attempts to introduce him to technology, he maintains a steadfast fear of fax machines and all things that go ‘beep.’

A connoisseur of all cuisine, Felix has never been known to turn down a snack. He remains the undefeated champion at Solterre when it comes to balancing treats on his nose.

While not at Solterre, Felix will most often be found hanging out with the Corson-Robertson crew. His hobbies include swimming, belly-rubs, and barking at small woodland creatures.


Woof woof. Yip woof. Woof. Grrrr. Woof woof grrrr yip. Woof woof woof. Woof.