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Extensive glazing is oriented to solar south for maximum active and passive solar access.
The chimney surround also houses the wood storage
The living roof is visible on arrival to the house and replaces much of the habitat taken up by the house. The other roof line holds the solar domestic hot water panels
Arrival view. A covered porch makes a welcoming arrival.
A wood slat screen of torrefied wood encloses the porch
The shed roof holds the photovoltaic array and provides ample unheated storage
Off-grid but with modern amenities
A diamond-ground finish showcases the recycled glass aggregate in the concrete slab
Twelve foot tall salvaged walnut doors bring a dramatic element to the interior space
Old acrylic signage was salvaged to create a unique tub surround
 The insulated slab foundation is being poured. The white foundation foam was pre-shaped by a local EPS foam supplier so it slots together and acts as insulation and concrete formwork all in one!
Recycled glass was used as aggregate in the diamond polished concrete floor.
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