Agricola Addition

The Agricola House renovation took a very typical Halifax home and updated it for improved connections between kitchen and dining and the outdoors. The client’s goal of improving the energy-efficiency of the house during the renovation was paired with improving the access and view lines to the backyard.

Solterre’s approach was to create maximum effect with minimal intervention, all while maintaining the best aspects of the traditional north end home.

The response to the clients goals was a small addition with high end finishes and maximizing outdoor living and garden space. The renovation included a 55 square foot footprint addition and a total interior addition of 165 square feet.  

The upstairs bathroom was renovated including reusing the original claw foot bathtub that is now paired up with a custom vanity unit and unique window placement. 

The kitchen and dining areas have been seamlessly extended towards the backyard and features a central fireplace element at the focal point. A massive concrete countertop and contemporary kitchen renovation enjoy the connectedness to the dining and backyard. Indoor and outdoor fireplaces back on to each other, creating a vertical column anchoring the addition.

The new backyard deck is broad and flanked on each side with substantial wood planters defining a private dining area. This outdoor living space flows down a wide staircase to the garden level.