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Solterre's philosophy is simple: great green architecture meeting the client's needs.

We achieve this by understanding the particular effects of natural resources, materials and energy on the built environment, and by incorporating good design principles while keeping economy in mind.

We have project expertise in energy efficient and off-grid projects, energy retrofits, Passive House (Passivehaus) design and LEED certification. Our architectural design experience includes mid-size commercial, residential and multi-unit residential, and small educational. Our green consulting experience covers every type of building program, including educational, long-term care, large commercial, multi-unit residential and defence.

Ultimately, Solterre aims to build better instead of bigger -- by incorporating design features that make smaller spaces more adaptable, aesthetically-pleasing, economic and environmentally beneficial.

Armillary Sphere

In its simplest form, consisting of a ring fixed in the plane of the equator and a gnomen representing a ling through the earths poles, the armillary sphere is one of the most ancient of astronomical instruments. Shadows from the gnomen cast on the ring indicate the sun's position.

This sundial, located near Zealandia, Saskatchewan, was built by iron craftsman John Little of East Dover, Nova Scotia.

As the basis for our logo, the armillary sphere is emblematic of the sun and earth, from which Solterre derives its name.