The view.
 The retreat from the meadow.
 The Ideal solar angle determined the roof form. The exterior materials are cedar shingle, cement panel and steel. 
 The ten foot sliding door provides a nice flow between indoor and outdoor living space as well as panoramic views of the Atlantic. 
 The Kitchen is composed of cost effective stock cabinets, a propane stove and highly efficient PV powered fridge and a maple countertop. The baltic birch shelf boxes and backsplash are lined with the same orange metal flashing used on the exterior.
 The ladder to the loft and open riser stair were both built by the framing carpenters in order to maintain the simple wood theme. The slat wood railing continues up in a single plane to become the upper guardrail. 
 The main bedroom loft overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the living space below. A blue stained salvaged door slides across to separate it from the other sleeping areas.
 Custom baltic birch box shelves were built to provide simple storage throughout the cottage.
 The second level cutaway over the living space crates interesting volumes and allows light and air to flow between floors. This benefits the passive solar and passive ventilation strategies.
 The vanity mirror "mirrors" the adjacent window. Both sit between the 24 inch stud spacing.
 Entrance details.  
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